It's HERE!! The Living Your Sacred Vision Podcast

Oct 02, 2022

What a way to start 44 years young!

A podcast has been on my heart for quite a while. For those of you that know me, know I love having conversations and have real talk about a lot of things. Through many stumbles and starts since the beginning of the pandemic, I am beyond excited to announce that the Living Your Sacred Vision Podcast is NOW LIVE!

Each week, we will dive into various topics that are focused first and foremost on how we enrich our human experience. So there is something in here for everyone.  

Secondly, I wanted to speak a little more directly to those out there who are a little more like me. The people out there who have grand ideas, have a head full of possibilities, have begun to have awakening or ascension like experiences, and could use a little help in bringing things back down to earth.

After all - we are all HUMAN.