New Client Session ( 90 mins )

As a new client, it can be challenging to know what the best path for you is and how you will respond to 1:1 work with me. 

I get. That is why I am offering this 90 min New Client Session where we will get the chance to do a detailed assessment to determine what will help the most on your journey to reaching your own personal goals, a greater sense of self awareness, understanding your awakening journey or your life's purpose. 

After the assessment, you will get to experience deeper work through a variety of modalities that will vary depending on whether these sessions are in person or virtual (both are an option)

The session will conclude with a short discussion on how you received the work, what may have shifted for you, and creating some tangible actions to keep you moving forward. 

Post session, you will receive a 'report' of what I believe will help benefit you the most, whether I am that person or not.

I look forward to the chance to help make a different and shift the course of your personal life journey.


$144.00 USD