Healing at the level of the Soul 


The Akashic Records can be and has been described in many ways. Whether you believe that they reside within you or beyond all our traditional concepts of time and space, they are ultimately accessed and processed through our Soul.

When we take the time to connect to the records, to really listen, learn and to begin to clear thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and other imprints, we experience true healing at our soul level. 

In the Flower of Life Akashic Records (FOLAR) Method, founded by Tara Preston (Akashic Women's School), we allow this natural sacred geometry move us into the interconnected space of all things and to tap into our own divine essence. 

Working with the FOLAR, we are tuned into the the divine flow and communicating with our higher selves. Here we are truly able to be present with what is rather than over thinking and over analyzing that is common in our modern day society. 

FOLAR is also a beautifully structured container that supports with flow and that allows your higher self to feel safe. Since we move through our own bodies and our own channels there is a level of groundedness that is amplified and truly felt. 

The are a variety of ways that we can clear when we are in the field but the real beauty comes in being able to see, to feel, and to be able to co-create tangible steps, ways of showing up in the world that take this work from ethereal to practical.

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of repeating the same patterns (work, relationships, health, wealth)
  • You think you know what your block is but nothing else has worked
  • You have done all the work and yet something still feels off
  • You are truly ready for change that can be seen and felt in your life
  • You are ready to shift habits that no longer serve you but are hard to break
  • You are ready to reconnect to your personal power and to your joy

Your Personal Journey