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Striving for Balance

Whether I am stepping into my role as mom, wife, daughter, business owner, coach, or spiritual leader, there is always been something that has had to give.

When I learned to change how I spoke to myself, gained clarity on priorities, and allowed myself to ask for support, I was able to get out of my own way and start living a more harmonious life.

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Creating Space Within & Around


Change is inevitable, especially in the times we are living. Having someone to help you connect you to yourself, see what is happening with a different, objective perspective, and a safe space to be present with what is.


Our bodies were made to move. Bodywork allows the soothing sensation of touch to combine with the skilled compression and mobility to create space in your physical body to allow you to move.


Life is Energy. Everything we do day to day leaves an imprint on our energetic body. This can make us feel heavy, lethargic, or unmotivated. Using a variety of tools including crystals and sound therapy get your energy flowing again.

Thank you Heather  for helping me uncover what was keeping me from the peace and  harmony  I deserve daily!  You always seemed to ask the right questions to help me breakthrough the barriers and most importantly helped me create action steps for change.  You helped me structure each day for the balance I was struggling with and gave me life long strategies to have the life I only dreamed possible!  


Mona T.

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