There is nothing you can't handle with honesty and humble humility.

Hi, I'm Heather Travis

Born a free spirit, I have always been up for life's next big adventure. I invited in change, yet I wasn't always best equip handle those changes. 

I spent my school age years with parents living at opposite coasts, not an outcast but not really finding my place, and being pretty good at most things I tried. This meant school was easy for me, but social interactions not so much. 

I threw my cards at college right out of high school.  This was definitely an eye opening experience but ultimately not the right fit for me. Followed by the loss of my father after my freshman year, I ended up drifting down a new path.

I spent my 20's falling in love with myself, with others, with new experiences, and new places. This was where I moved to North Carolina and got married, bought our first home, and became a responsible adult.

I started my 30s, losing my job and embarking on a whole new career path into the health and wellness industry. I cultivated my love of helping others heal through bodywork and creating a space for them to heal. This was where Collective Wellness, Holistic Healing, and the greater vision of really helping people recognize how interconnected our mind, our body, our emotions, and our spirit truly are.

I entered my 40s, in a space that most other people were in. I was overextended in my time and resources. I was constantly in a state of feeling overwhelmed and spinning my wheels all too often in the wrong direction. 

Then COVID hit. 

My world took another flip. I made the decision to close a space that I had spent 5 years pouring countless hours, blood, sweat, tears, and my sanity into. This was tough. But I truly saw it as bittersweet. 

This opened up the opportunity for me to spend the year at home with my daughter as she navigated first grade in virtual learning. It also allowed me to sit in full honesty with my diagnosis of an auto-immune disease. I was granted the space to dive within, do the work, and find a new rhythm for myself.

This time also allowed me to further develop my skillset as a crystalline practitioner, complete a year long mentorship program, and allow my creativity to resurface.

As I approach the mid point of my 40s, I am so much clearer on what my priorities are in life, I am getting better every day at embodying fully my purpose of show people what is possible and gathering people together, and I am committed to being on this life long path of healing, growth, and expansion.